Fresh Bagels in Broad Channel, NY

As soon as you step in the door, your senses will be filled with freshly baked bagels. Our staff is always ready to help and produce original bagel creations. Whether you want a bagel sandwich or a plain bagel, we’ll prepare and serve them to perfection!

Bagels are a great way to start your mornings if you’re not craving cereal or toast. When you come to All American Bagel & Barista II, you’re experiencing the fresh taste of American bagels and drinks. Whether you eat your bagels with cream cheese or just plain, we’re certain that you’ll remember the taste!

You can eat bagels in many different ways. When you cut it in half and spread cream cheese, you can eat each piece separately or put them together and eat it like a whole sandwich. We won’t tell you how to eat bagels; we’re only here to provide them and ensure your day gets brighter because of them!

Not only do we provide bagels, but also fresh and warm coffee. We want our customers to experience the classic and authentic taste of American breakfast and lunch.

Bagel Sandwiches

If you’re unsure of what to eat for breakfast or lunch, then consider trying our bagel sandwiches at All American Bagel & Barista II! Our menu offers many bagel creations, and we’re happy to help you create your own! When it comes to food, you should have more creative freedom to eat your own creations.

Our ingredients are fresh, and we toast up the bagels so that they’re warm to bite into right away. We also have a variety of sauces to enrich your sandwich. Don’t settle for plain sandwiches when you’ve got bagel sandwiches as an option!